Social Security Disability

Navigating the process for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) claims can be difficult. At The Law Office of George E. Crump, III, you will find the caring, effective assistance you need to receive the benefits you deserve.

Whether you are filing an initial application or going through an appeal, my North Carolina firm can help you successfully satisfy complex government requirements. I will monitor your case closely from start to finish, and I will diligently update the Social Security Administration about any changes in your health.

Determining SSI and SSDI Eligibility

Supplemental Security Income is a federal program available to those who are blind, disabled or over the age of 65. In order to be eligible, you must be a candidate for welfare and meet certain income requirements. Depending upon your particular circumstances, you may be able to receive SSI in addition to Social Security Disability benefits.

Social Security Disability Insurance provides monthly benefits to persons dealing with a physical injury, mental impairment or illness. To qualify, you must be unable to perform gainful work for at least 12 months. Unlike Supplemental Security Income, SSDI is only available to those who have been previously employed and contributed to the Social Security system.

My Claim Was Denied. Now What?

A majority of SSI/SSDI claims are initially rejected. Do not lose heart. As an experienced Rockingham Social Security Disability attorney, I have been assisting clients with Supplemental Security Income and Social Security Disability appeals. I know what it takes to get a denial overturned and will provide you with quality representation when it comes to:

  • Reconsideration of denial requests: Your claim will be re-reviewed and any new evidence will be taken into consideration. I can help you gather the medical documentation you need to prove your eligibility.
  • Appeals to administrative law judges: You and any supporting witnesses will be questioned before a judge. I will attend this hearing with you and advocate strongly on your behalf.

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