Federal Criminal Lawyer

GeorgeAt The Law Office of George E. Crump, III in Rockingham, North Carolina, you can always expect uncompromising representation. As a solo practitioner and Rockingham federal criminal attorney, I pride myself on being accessible to my clients. I am committed to effective communication and will work with you one on one to ensure you are armed with the information necessary to make smart legal decisions.

Comprehensive Counsel

For more than 30 years, North Carolina residents have trusted me with their legal needs. As an experienced lawyer, I strive to deliver compassionate and professional service in a wide range of practice areas, including:

  • Social Security Disability: I help you with claims and appeals so that you can receive the benefits to which you are entitled.
  • Federal criminal federal criminal appeals: I have the know-how and knowledge of the law necessary to file your appeal and advocate on your behalf at trial.
  • Federal appeals: Federal law can be complex, involving many technical guidelines. I work with these on the front end so that you do not have to.
  • Deeds: I will review a deed to help ensure that your real property transfer is valid and appropriate.
  • Personal injury: I fight aggressively for your right to just compensation after an accident so that you can focus on recovery.
  • Traffic cases: If you have been accused of a traffic violation, I will work to have the ticket dismissed or to lighten the penalties.
  • Workers’ compensation: If you have been injured on the job, I work vigorously to assist you in receiving any money to which you may be entitled.
  • Powers of attorney: I help you appoint a trusted family member, friend or other individual to manage your estate and affairs should you become incapacitated.
  • Wills: I help draft and review wills so that you can be confident your wishes or those of your loved one will be followed.
  • Wrongful death: If your loved one has been killed in an accident resulting from another’s negligence, I will advocate aggressively on your behalf to obtain compensation.
  • Condemnation: This gives a government agency legal authority to acquire property for public use. I will help defend your property rights in these situations.

Quality Advocacy You Can Afford

In every situation, my primary goal is an efficient resolution of your case. I invest in technology so that I can deliver smart, innovative legal services to better fit your needs. I take an approach to the law that is both thorough and creative, and I strive to provide advice that is caring and fair.

When you walk into my office, you can expect a friendly ear and a dedicated advocate. My representation is always cost-effective, diligent and ardent, which means that when you retain me, you will receive the full value of your dollar.

Get Assistance From a Federal Appeals Attorney

The Law Office of George E. Crump, III is well equipped to handle a wide range of legal matters. Whether you need an experienced defense for a white collar crime or help obtaining SSDI, or even Lake Forest California estate planning lawyers, I am here for you. We can help you in many ways. Contact me today at 910-997-5544.